Bolder thinking for urban life

Cities are platforms for people; they create opportunities for human connection and enable the exchange of knowledge and ideas. By shaping the places in which we live, learn, work and play we change people’s lives. This is both a privilege and a responsibility. How farsighted, bold and courageous we are prepared to be today sets the foundations for urban life in the future.

Shaping Outcomes

Shaping Outcomes

Defining extraordinary place opportunities that benefit people, planet and profit.

Urban strategies

Defining strategies for change that are desirable, feasible, viable and impactful; maximising the long-term benefit to all

Audience insight

Engaging with current and future communities to explore the opportunities for change that would enrich their lives and capture their hearts and minds

Project propositions

Synthesising world class thinking, deep contextual understanding and the hopes and dreams of stakeholders to define impactful visions for change

Community strategies

Inspiring and enabling local businesses and communities to benefit from urban change, creating social and economically sustainable outcomes

Shaping People

Shaping People

Developing individual and organisational capability to understand, organise and realise urban change opportunities

Organisational capability

Tailoring bespoke strategies, processes and inhouse training to enhance organisational resilience, adaptability, innovation and purpose

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Experiential learning

Shaping the mindsets, skillsets and toolsets of our sector and co-creating the next generation of urban practice

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NEW: Urban Leadership Sprint

Convene with multi-disciplinary cohorts and explore the purpose, practice and perspectives of urban change. Define solutions and action plans and shape the next generation of practice.


Shaping Industry

Shaping Industry

Building momentum for urban systems change through purpose driven, solutions-oriented and future focused conversations.

Collective innovation

Convening cross-system conversations that use the knowledge, insights and experience of many to solve intractable urban challenge

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Next thinking

Exploring best practice, global benchmarks, new models and the people behind them to evolve urban change practice

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Change agent network

Building a community of practitioners, innovators, influencers and leaders to change urban practice for the better

CHANGE makers

Our co-creation approach

Our approach begins with optimism and a desire to be bold. It gives end users a voice in key decisions and drives outcomes focused on their aspirations. It generates ideas for change that are desirable, feasible, viable and impactful, maximising the long term benefit to all.

This process is predicated on asking the right questions and collaboratively solving them through the development of a strong evidence base and creative conversations around ideas for the future.