Bolder thinking for urban life

Cities are platforms for people; they create opportunities for human connection and enable the exchange of knowledge and ideas. By shaping the places in which we live, learn, work and play we change people’s lives. This is both a privilege and a responsibility. How farsighted, bold and courageous we are prepared to be today sets the foundations for urban life in the future.

What we do

We steward collaborative processes that bring together world class thinking, deep contextual understanding and the hopes and dreams of all stakeholders to define optimal outcomes for places undergoing change.

As a non-profit urban strategy consultancy we work with local communities, city leaders and partner organisations to co-create a different urban future. Whatever a place’s scale or stage in its journey, we seek to find solutions that deliver a positive legacy for future generations and:
  • Enrich people’s lives, capturing their hearts and minds
  • Enhance social and economic outcomes of communities
  • Realise a city’s competitive advantage
  • Differentiate our partner organisations

Our work addresses a diverse spectrum of urban challenges and opportunities including:

  • Understanding emerging lifestyle appetites and shaping new solutions for living and working
  • Imagining new types of community facilities and governance models
  • Positioning the social and economic benefits of an urban regeneration project
  • Enhancing the local employment opportunities of a major project
  • Developing place research and scenario impact tools
  • Redefining the focus of cultural organisations
  • Measuring a city’s performance

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Our co-creation approach

Our approach begins with optimism and a desire to be bold. It gives end users a voice in key decisions and drives outcomes focused on their aspirations. It generates ideas for change that are desirable, feasible, viable and impactful, maximising the long term benefit to all.

This process is predicated on asking the right questions and collaboratively solving them through the development of a strong evidence base and creative conversations around ideas for the future.

Start with potential & bold aspirations

Approach each challenge with optimism and a desire to deliver something extraordinary

Explore & understand complexity

Unpack the core elements of an urban challenge, bringing to life the interconnections between people, place and the future

Frame the opportunities

Synthesis of world class thinking, project context and local aspirations to define potential

Generate possibilities

Iterative and collaborative process to generate ideas for change — imagining solutions that are desirable, feasible, viable and impactful

Optimise value to all

Test, focus and refine ideas to maximise the long term benefit to all

Realise aspiration

Translating aspiration to reality — changing urban life and sector thinking simultaneously