Urban Change Festival - Shaping lives, shaping practice

Urban Change Festival - Shaping lives, shaping practice


The Urban Change Festival 2021 will bring together industry leaders and practitioners to collaborate, innovate and to shape the future of urban development.

11 – 15 October 2021


What is the festival about?

We will be exploring the themes of urban literacy and leadership. In particular, focusing on the ways in which we can develop future urban leaders, and increase community literacy and their acceptance of change, to drive sustainable urban development that can benefit everyone. 


Who should attend?

The festival is curated for the thinkers, shapers and doers in urban development, and the built environment, from around Australia and internationally. This could include:

  • Urban and community development professionals 
  • Elected officials
  • Government departments
  • Citizen organisations
  • Community members
  • Academics
  • University and high school students


Why should you attend?

THI provides a platform for creating purposeful development. Our aim is to enable private, public and community sectors to work together to champion, envision and deliver sustainable urban development, so that we are collectively shaping inspiring and enduring cities for future generations. The Urban Change Festival will showcase the ways in which we can achieve that. 


When is the festival happening?

The program kicks off in July with a number of invitational, co-design workshops; research looking at urban community literacy levels and acceptance of change; and a student engagement program, culminating in October for a week focused on creating actionable and practical outcomes. Registrations will open mid-August.


Interested in being part of shaping lives and shaping practice?

If you are interested in sponsoring the event or partnering with us, please get in touch with THI Chief Executive Jennifer Michelmore on +61 408 199 471 or jennifer@studiothi.com to discuss these opportunities.