Workforce Development Strategy & Action Plan Chicago USA

Creating industry leadership through workforce development

Identifying opportunities for the property sector to positively impact Chicago’s marginalised and under-represented communities though it’s construction activity

Market Analysis, Audience Analysis, Collaborative Solutions Generation, Co-Creation Process Facilitation, Governance

The opportunity

Chicago, like many USA cities, is in the midst of fundamental economic transformation – with the loss of long established industries and the emergence of a new knowledge-based economy.  These structural changes will significantly impact the current workforce, with the greatest impact being experienced by those already at a disadvantage in the City’s labour market. Investing in the local labour market’s people, knowledge and skills is the cornerstone of developing an employable, globally competitive workforce and economically resilient City.

Lendlease engaged THI to identify workforce development opportunities enabled by its construction activities across Chicago and to develop a responding strategy focusing its range of workforce development projects for the greatest impact.

Our approach

THI designed and implemented a co-creation process that took a city wide and industry led approach to identifying opportunities.  The approach was grounded by a robust understanding of Chicago’s labour market and skills landscape and informed by the knowledge and insight of local stakeholders.

The insights gained through THI’s extensive research and engagement program were drawn upon to develop the Strategy articulating Principles, Desired Impacts, Roles and Responsibilities and Mechanisms for Governance. A Project Framework and Action Plan was then developed supporting teams to identify and implement projects for greatest impact.

The outcomes

The Chicago Workforce Development Strategy and Action Plan:

  • Identified city wide workforce development opportunities leveraging Lendlease construction activities across Chicago
  • Defined an industry leadership and advocacy role for Lendlease in the strategic planning and promotion of careers education, industry training and labour market participation
  • Supports greater inclusion and diversity in the construction industry, specifically women and minorities
  • Assist endeavors to integrate education, training and support services that enable current and future workers to progress seamlessly towards their career goals

THI’s co-creation approach enabled the development of an industry led strategy ensuring activities are focused on preparing the local labour force for the right jobs, with the right skills, at the right time overtime.