Euston Station Redevelopment, London UK

Thought Leadership, Contextual Analysis, Audience Analysis, Impact Amplification

Harnessing the transformational potential of rail led regeneration at Euston Station to create value locally and increase the competitiveness of the city

THI explored the socio economic and cultural context and provided formative insight to support Lendlease’s bid for the redevelopment of Euston Station, London.

The opportunity

Euston Station is one of the United Kingdom’s busiest railway stations, currently serving more than 40 million passengers per year.  The government decided to undertake an integrated redevelopment of the Station which included the construction of new buildings, concourse and platforms to accommodate the highspeed rail line connection from London to Birmingham alongside and integrated with the existing National Rail Service.

The government highlighted that critical to the success of the project was treating Euston as a unified place with seamless integration of transport services and realising the place-making opportunities to create a new sustainable mixed-use quarter, helping to unlock the full potential of the area, improve accessibility, re-activate streets, re-connect communities, create new public and green spaces and drive positive transformation of the Euston area.

Lendlease recognised the unique opportunity presented by this project and engaged THI to support their tender for the Euston Station redevelopment.

Our approach

THI recognised that rail led urban regeneration provides a unique transformational opportunity to create next generation stations that are much loved places, embedded in the social landscape of the community and to deliver shared social, economic and cultural return locally and for the city.

THI explored the socio economic and cultural context of the Euston Station precinct and its role in the city and provided formative insights that supported Lendlease to prepare a redevelopment proposal that delivered:

  1. Optimal city wide contribution to productivity, brand, destinational appeal; and
  2. Maximum local legacy through improving place experience and appeal, liveability, opportunity, wellbeing, pride and inclusion.

The outcomes

THI’s work provided a deep understanding of the socio economic and cultural context of the Euston Station precinct.  The insights from THI’s contextual analysis were used to inform Lendleases’s design and programmatic response for the new Station precinct; delivering an enduring place legacy for existing and new audiences, enhancing the community’s wellbeing and quality of life, providing shared value for stakeholders and maximising the contribution of the new precinct to the performance of London.

In early 2018 Lendlease was awarded the master-developer contract for the redevelopment of Euston Station.